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The Gungahlin Business Over Breakfast networking group is a stuctured referral based networking group that meets each week in the Gungahlin Town Centre. No longer do you need to travel to the city for your business networking, saving time and travel costs, whilst building a solid referral based network with like minded business owners to help grow your business.

Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings which are held each Thursday at the Neighbourhood Food Restaurant from 7.00am until 8.30am, so come and meet our group and enjoy a great breakfast.

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To find out more about how we work watch the short 15 minute video below:

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We are a membership based group, with positions open for one business for each business category. If you secure your spot, you lock out other businesses from attending in this category.

We are currently actively seeking all business types not occupied including:

Accountants, All Trade based businesses, Graphic Designers, Printers, Recruitment brokers, trainers, etc as well as all other open categories.

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How We Work

What, When, Why etc.…

When:  Each Thursday 7am to 8.30am.

Venue: Neigbourhood Food Restaurant in the Gungahlin Town Centre at 54 Ernest Cavanagh Street.

The weekly meetings follow a set agenda and are chaired each week by one of the members (we rotate this each month).

The set agenda allows for structure and process, which is critical to the success of networking groups. Informal networking occurs both before and after the event, and the meeting is the forum for the collating of business leads for the group and for potential new members.

Note: This is NOT an expensive membership model compared to other ‘like’ groups, and membership is in 4 monthly blocks, with a renewal after each block. Therefore there is no need for expensive (and perceived risky) up front annual payments. You can opt out at the end of each 4-month period, or renew, meaning you have the time and opportunity to measure your own R.OI, which is critical for any marketing activity, and networking is a marketing activity.

Current Membership Options are:

$160 for 4 months – APPLY NOW

$210 for 6 months – APPLY NOW

$400 for 12 months – APPLY NOW

The Gungahlin B.O.B is a referral-based group, meaning it is anticipated that the people in the group will develop into some of your key referral partners. You may already have trusted relationships with other people who may be in a like industry, and this is OK.  We don’t expect you to dump such relationships- this group will allow you to be in a position of increased authority – to be able to offer contacts a choice of multiple referrals, and then they (the customer) ultimately makes the decision whether or not to do business.

For example: I have a client or contact that wants an Accountant, I may have good relationships with several I trust, so I give details of them all, and then the client/ contact can choose whom they wish to do business with. That is all that is required from a referral group; you provide the introduction for others.

People refer to others we know, like or trust, and for a new group, it will take time to ‘get to know’ each other to be able to refer…. this means meeting the members and getting to understand what they do and how they do it, and this will take time. Networking isn’t just about the meeting time. Additional time outside the formal meeting is also required, as well as having your own initiative to get to know others, and educate others about yourself. We will provide help in this instance during meetings.

Some Details:

The meeting fee includes breakfast, which must be pre-paid in advance each month (for Members). Visitors can pay via one of the links on this page each week to come along and have a look. This fee covers running costs, room hire etc. and is $30 per meeting billed to members monthly in advance in 4 or 5 week blocks (depending on number of meetings each month).

Membership will be based on 16 week blocks due 3 times per year (allowing for a break at Xmas) and will be set at $160 per block, paid up front at the commencement for each period. As indicated earlier, you can opt to renew, or leave at the end of each period.

Your Role:

To be successful we need participation, and we will track measures such as attendance, referrals given, visitors invited, new members added etc. This is important to accountability and group success, but will be done in a fair and balanced manner, and will allow for missed meetings occasionally, as things do happen, unlike other groups whom are very strict and rigid in this area. Full details on KPI’s and member expectations will be covered at the meeting. We want to have a group who is both serious and committed to each other and who takes the time each week, and in between seriously.

Hopefully by now you are not too overwhelmed…there is a lot to take in, especially if this type of thing is new to you or your business, but this should provide enough information for you to now make a decision if this may be something for you to add to your business building activities.

Application forms, the application process and all other details will be provided  during the meetings or from the links above. Obviously there will be some categories which are highly sought after, so I would encourage early submission of applications if you find your business type is open.

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P.S. This networking group is being operated and run by Tony Ozanne from Business Coaching Canberra and operating under T.E. Ozanne as Trustee for TSMJ Ozanne Family Trust ABN 24 682 612 632.